Medical Terminology (BS2113) Syllabus
Medical terminology

Course description:
An introduction to medical terminology, designed to increase familiarity with medical terms while reviewing basic anatomy and physiology, learning root words, and learning to analyze unknown words.  The course will consist of lecture combined with student presentations and exercises that will be discussed aloud in class.

Prerequisites:  None

Ehrlich, A. and C.L. Schroeder. 2001. Medical terminology for the health professions, 4th
edition. Delmar Publishers, Inc., Albany, New York.

Medical terms and jargon is often complicated and can be confusing.  This course helps in preparation for medicine-related careers by increasing familiarity with medical terminology.  This course also provides the opportunity to learn basic rules for analyzing unknown words and to gain familiarity with classic word roots.  Additionally, this course reviews basic anatomy, grammar, and medical procedures.

Course objectives:
           1.  To develop a familiarity and comfort with using common medical terms
           2.  To spell, pronounce, define, and identify words and word parts
           3.  To use medical terms and abbreviations correctly in written work
           4.  To understand readings that use medical terms and abbreviations
           5.  To provide the complete meaning of a medical abbreviation
           6.  To reinforce knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology
           7.  To correctly construct singular and plural forms of terms
           8.  To construct medical terms, given a definition

Course requirements:
Attendance and completion of presentations is mandatory. Students are accountable for all class assignments, class announcements, handouts and information provided during class meetings. After three absences, a student’s course grade will be reduced by 5% for each additional absence. If more than six classes are missed, the student will be asked to drop the course or receive a failing grade.
If you must miss a meeting, then you must contact me as quickly as possible.  It is always better to contact me before rather than after an absence if you know in advance that you must miss a meeting (if you notify me in advance, it will be easier to receive approval for a makeup). Please provide a substantive excuse (e.g., a doctor’s note).
Students are expected and required to uphold the highest standards of academic honesty in this and all courses.  Students should be familiar with the College's policies concerning academic integrity (Catalog, page 52; Student Handbook, page 32, section VII).  Students requiring any clarification of these policies should consult their academic advisor or the Office of Academic Affairs.

           Exam I                           50 pts.
           Exam II                        100 pts.
           Exam III                       100 pts.
           Exam IV                       100 pts.
           Final exam                    200 pts.
           Assignments                 240 pts.
           Presentation I               155 pts.
           Presentation II              155 pts.

Specific assignments will be given in class.  Written assignments will include exercises from the text and additional writing assignments.  You will give two presentations on the two topics of your choice.

Instructor: Ann V. Paterson
Phone: (870) 759-4171