Williams Baptist College
                                     Bachelor of Science in Biology

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General Education Requirements                              Biology Core Course Requirements
(54 hours)                                                                   (42 hours)
Humanities (21 hours)

* choose two from AR2143 (Art Appreciation),
SP2143 (Theater Appreciation), MU2143 (Music
Appreciation), or PH2253 (Introduction to Philosophy)

Social Science, History, Religion (18 hours)

                                                                                 Biology Electives
                                                                                 (19 hours, 15 must be upper level)
                                                                                 Choose from the following:

* choose two from SC2253 (Sociology),
GT2263 (Government), PY1113 (Psychology)
EC2273 (Principles of Macroeconomics) and
EC2283 (Principles of Microeconomics)

Natural Science (11 hours)

Health and Physical Education (5 hours)

                                                                                 General Elective (18 hours)


                                                                                 Total hours __________

Course requirements for a biology major
Williams Catalogue
EN1113 English Composition I
EN1123 English Composition II
EN2213 World Literature I
BS1154 Vertebrate Zoology
BS1134 Botany
BS2413 Genetics
EN2223 World Literature II
BS4812 Biology Seminar
BS4812 Biology Seminar
Humanities E1*
Humanities E2*
CH1164 Chemistry II
CH3154 Organic Chemistry I
CH3164 Organic Chemistry II
SP2183 Speech and Communication
MT1143 Trigonometry
PS2204 General Physics I
PS2214 General Physics II
BS4214 Embryology and Developmental Biology
RL1113 Bible Old Testament
RL1123 Bible New Testament
U. S. History
Social Science E1*
Social Science E2*
BS2214 Anatomy and Physiology
BS2314 Microbiology
BS3513 Economic Botany
BS3614 Comparative Anatomy
CH3214 Biochemistry
GS3324 Environmental Science and Ecology
BS3134 Entomology
BS4244/PY4244 Neuroscience
BS4831 Special Problems
BS1114 Biological Science
Mathematics (MT1133 or higher)
Elective 1
Elective 2
Elective 3
Elective 4
Elective 5
Elective 6
Elective 7