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Founding of Tribeta chapter
Founding Tribeta members

Tribeta installation
The Mu Mu chapter of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society was started by a number of dedicated founders (pictured above).  The chapter was started informally in 2000 and officially in the spring of 2001.  Our goal is to encourage anyone with an interest in biology.  We hope to encourage students to participate in scientific research and in scientific meetings.  We also aim to help anyone pursuing a career related to biological science.  If you just like biology, you are welcome as well!
We also encourage people to contact us if you are interested in biology or chemistry tutoring.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ann V. Paterson
President: Kelsey Noel Burns
Past Presidents:
2010-2011 Matthew Miller
2009-2010 Laura Howington
2008-2009 Kimberly Wells
2007-2008 Heather Stallings
2006-2007 Jamie Clements
2005-2006 Anmity Bruton
2004-2005 Casey Voyles
2003-2004 Lori Caldwell
2002-2003 Samuel Baroi
2001-2002 Jamie Reck
2000-2001 Cynthia Mugi

New members for 2006
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