Ann V. Paterson
Fall 2008
Biological Science (BS1114A)
Biological Science (BS1114B)
Microbiology (BS2314A)
Special Problems (BS4831A)

Biological Science (BS1114)
Medical Terminology (BS2213)
Microbiology (BS2314)
Genetics (BS2413)
Entomology (BS3134)
Comparative Anatomy (BS3614)
Embryology and Developmental Biology (BS4214)
Senior Seminar (BS4812)
Special Problems (BS4831)

General Chemistry I (CH1154)
General Chemistry II (CH1164)
Organic Chemistry I (CH3154)
Organic Chemistry II (CH3164)
Biochemistry (CH3214)

Student Projects
I do not regularly teach all of these courses.  To know who is teaching a course in a particular semester, please check the most recent course schedule.  For current course handouts, assignments, and announcements, you must sign into Moodle.  Advising materials (such as course checklists for biology majors and blank degree plans) are available here.
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