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Ann V. Paterson

Biology Literature Search Engines
Google Scholar
NCBI Literature Databases
PubMed Central
Science Direct

Careers and Biology Information
Career information from the
    University at Buffalo
Environmental Job Listings
JobStar Central
Occupational Information Network
Sloan Cornerstone Career Center
U.S. Department of Labor
    Occupational Outlook
Wildlife Jobs Board

How to write a resume
JobStar Resume Guide

Weather, geology, and space events sites
National Weather Service Memphis
Storm Prediction Center
Weather Analysis Page
Surface Analyses
CIMSS Tropical Cyclones
National Hurricane Center
Real Time Weather Data
Recent Earthquakes

Health Professions Resources
American Dental Association
American Pharmacist's Association
American Physical Therapy
American Public Health Association
Association of American Medical
Association of American Veterinary
    Medical Colleges
Association of Schools and
    Colleges of Optometry
Child Family Health International
Council on Education for Public
Flying Doctors of America
Graduate Record Exam website
Medical Missions International

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